Monday, 17 October 2016

Brona's Salon: In which I talk about the biography of a passionate convert.

Brona's Salon is a brand new meme that encourages book-talk. She has some simple standard questions that need to be answered, and hopefully this will spark off some interest and discussion. 

What are you currently reading?

How did you find out about this book?
I happened to be browsing through the "Christian books" category in Kindle Unlimited when I came across this book. I was attracted by the title, and when I read the blurb I noticed it was about a very well known, well loved and well respected man of God from my hometown.

Why are you reading it now?
I was quite thrilled when I discovered this book because it is always fascinating to hear of adults finding Christ, especially when they have been deeply steeped in the culture and traditions of their family religions. Dr Rajkumar is a convert from a Brahmin family, and whilst I know the gist of how his conversion took place, reading all about it in detail makes it all the more real. 

First impressions?
This biography has been written by Dr Rajkumar's son. His language is literary in its style and flows smoothly. Akshay is not simply intent on getting his father's life across to the reader, but chooses to do so episodically. We jump from one incident to a thought to a piece of family history to a meeting at one point of time back to the first incident and so on. But whilst the narrative hops around and about the place, I find it works well, and I am hooked.

Which character do you relate to so far?
This is real life. This biography gives me a strong sense of joy and purpose; there is excitement in understanding the experiences and miracles Dr Rajkumar and his wife go through because many of these are true in my life and the life of my loved ones as well. It is beautiful and uplifting. 

Are you happy to continue?
But, of course! In fact, I chucked the e-book and got myself a hard copy so that I can pass it on to my husband once I am done. 

Where do you think the story will go?
The story is still going on as Dr Rajkumar goes around India and the world, a small, humble man being used mightily by God.



  1. It sounds like you've found the perfect book for you!

    It's one of the greatest bookish pleasures isn't it? When a random browse (in a bookshop, online, at a blog, talking with a friend) that leads you to find just the book you need to read right now.

    And finding a book that you know who you can share it with afterwards is just as much of a treat. Knowing that you can continue to discuss the book afterwards with others who loved it too, makes the heart of the book linger longer:-)

    Thanks for joining in and sharing your latest book.

    1. Yes, it's true. Finding bookish gems are rare and therefore a great pleasure. Thank you for hosting this meme, Brona! And thank you for stopping by. :)

  2. I love reading about adult converts, too, especially from cultures different than mine. It's a wonderful reminder that believers are all over the world, in every nation.

    1. True. But more than that, it is reading about their zealousness that inspires me. Having been born to Christian parents, I have grown up being just a little lukewarm about my faith. Reading and listening to people who have 'found' Christ and are thereby so completely convicted and dedicated to Him, makes one long to have that same passion of discovering what it truly is like to walk with the Lord.

      Thanks for stopping by, Ruth!

  3. sounds really good, and I am a convert myself. Glad you discover Brona's Salon through you

    1. It sounds like you might have a story to tell. :D

      Looking forwarding to what you have up for Brona's Salon.:)


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