Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Not really my top ten, but my top two this year, so far...

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So, which new authors did I discover this year whom I have decided belong to my favourites list?

Only two come to mind:

1. Lindsay Buroker with her The Emperor's Edge series and The Fallen Empire series. The latter being one I am in the middle of reading right now. I am enjoying her characters, snarky banter, and action-packed novels. The first book in her The Empire's Edge series is free on Amazon.

2. Matsuo Basho, Japan's Shakespeare. I absolutely loved the translation I read of his The Narrow Road to the Deep North. It is a beautiful travelogue, and the haiku sometimes sent a shudder of delight through me. 

Apart from these two, I discovered a great many authors this year (which is actually quite unusual for me), but none others that I particularly care to mention under a list of favourites.

Have you read any new authors this year? Would you recommend them? What types of books do they write? Which one would you recommend I read?


  1. I have heard wonderful things about The Narrow Road to the Deep North and it does sound like a beautiful story. I'll have to keep it in mind for the future.

    1. Hi Whitney! I suspect you might be getting your writers confused. I think the 'beautiful story' you mention is The Narrow Road to the Deep North by Richard Flanagan. It's a recently published novel, and yes I've heard rave reviews about it. The one I've mentioned in my post is a travelogue written back in the mid-1600s by a Japanese monk and poet. It's beautiful too! :D


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