Wednesday, 7 December 2016

On shoe flowers: a haibun

A photo taken by Chevrefeuille.
Heeding Haiku with Chevrefeuille - In which
we write a haibun based on the given photograph.
Hibiscus sounds rather boring, doesn't it? Back when I was a wee lass running about our neighbourhood in a smocking frock and sniffing the flowers, the shoe flower, as we love calling it, always beckoned me. I loved their colours -- yellow, red, pink. They burst open onto our front yard from the neighbouring plot, and often, when my adventurous cousin came to visit, we would snatch one off the plant and run. I didn't have much hair back then (not that I do so now either) but it was definitely a flower I liked to tuck in behind my ear while traipsing about. I always thought, when I had a home of my own, I would grow a shoe flower plant. However, I have yet to realise that thought. I don't really have green fingers, you see. It would likely wither away and die under my careless ministrations. My husband always says I torture my plants by showing them immense love for awhile and then neglecting them for a while longer. Sounds dreadful. But he looks after them. However, he isn't one for flowers; it's the leafy plants that survive in my little apartment. But some day I will grow a shoe flowering plant.

a thought, a dream
that slowly but surely blooms
in a red shoe flower


  1. T'is I (Jules)- for ease of commenting I have a blogger account :) I've had trouble in the past trying to comment from WP to B. Glad you liked both haiku.

    I enjoyed your journey. I can grow some things...but I think more by luck than anything else. Lovely to learn a new name for this flower.

    As for my sci-fi...Aftermath - Only so much one can stuff in 100 words. But the basic thoughts were after some dreadful world tragedy that (perhaps) another race of rescuers, strong men-like beings, went searching for lone survivors and whatever else there may have been of value to them, in secluded pockets of respite - even a library (all those books in one of the photo prompts) where they found Joan. Torch is more a European word for flashlight - I because of the wordle list I made the gasoline glow green. Thanks for reading. I hope my explanation provides some clarity.


    1. Wow, thank you for taking the time to explain, Jules! It definitely makes sense now.:D

      I always thought 'hibiscus' was too scientific a word for such a pretty flower. Glad you liked this piece. :)

  2. Welcome at MlMM ... what a gorgeous haibun you have shared here with us. I am the host of Heeding Haiku With ...


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